How it works

One of the race officials will use the XCMeet app at the start and finish line to record the start and finishing times.

At the end of the finish chute, the racer hands their QR code to another official, who scans the QR code with the app.

XCMeet merges the names and times to produce the results that can easily be uploaded to or similar sites.

The racers and parents can see the live results from their smart phones. Click on Live Results above and enter "demo" for the code to see an example. To see the automatic scoring, select "Division 1" from the drop down. Note that having live results ensures that the racers are double checking the results for you.

The racers get their QR code in one of two ways:

  1. You can buy these awesome clips from XCMeet. The racers will grab a clip, then go to and enter their name and clip number (see Register Racer above). Since the racers will be the ones to enter their name, grade, and gender, there won't be any misspellings for your new runners. If you download the expected roster for the race from and import that into XCMeet, the runners will be able to choose their name, instead of typing the whole thing.
  2. XCMeet will print QR codes on your printer. This has the advantage of costing only paper and ink, but the disadvantage of requiring pins, plus sweat or rain can cause the printing to smear. You can print on label paper or perforated paper, so you don't have to cut them out. If you have a roster, for example downloaded from, that has your racers, you can import this into and the printout will have their names on it. This means the racers do not need to register their QR code number, instead they just find the QR code with their name on it. You can print extra unassigned QR codes for racers that were not on your roster. Those racers will need to go to Register Racer (above) to enter their name and QR code number.