XCMeet Cross Country Timing System Clips

These clips will ensure your meet is efficient. Your meet will look modern, and professional. You want your kids to feel like this is a very important race, and these clips make it clear you take running their meet, just as serious as you want them to take racing.

  • These are small, light, and trivial to clip on and remove, but won't fall off. They will last many years.
  • The racers will grab a clip, then go to Register Racer (above) to enter their name and the clip they chose.
  • They cost 50 cents per. You'll want enough clips for the maximum number of racers at your meet, unless you get league clips.
  • You can print your own barcodes on paper, but that paper can fold and the ink can run if the paper gets wet, both of which wreck the barcode. These clips don't have those problems.
Jaunita Rebels
Mercer Island Islanders
Liberty Patriots
Lake Washington Kangs

League Clips

Each team in your league can have custom clips with their team colors. The teams will only need enough clips for their team. They can register their clip to their name on the bus ride to the meet.

Have each team create their own XCMeet account. On the Clip Designer page they can design their clips and order the qty they need. The racers will use the code that is printed on the clip. League clip users will keep their roster from race to race and therefore will need to import the roster only once.