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Install the XCMeet app on your smart phone to record the times and positions
An event is a day where runners show up to race. Within an event, there may be multiple races. The event type affects the scoring of the event. See "Type" in the settings tab.
XCMeet supports community (where there are no teams) and cross country scoring.
For cross country scoring, divisions allow you to group teams that compete against each other.
Print Labels🛈
This will print the racers that have been assigned a QR code, and optionally extra blanks. Racers not on the roster will select a blank and go to Register Racer to assign their name to it.

"" Settings

Delete ""
Event Code (for timers and scanner):
Alt Code (for unofficial data):
Hide live results:
Treat global clips as generic:🛈
Allow self registration:
Global clips: Team specific clips
Generic clips: Clips that are not tied to a team; only numbered
Set this when you want to allow all teams in the event to use your Global clips.
For the Event Code to work on the XCMeet app, the date must be set to today and the event must be active
Run: For use with community runs. Register Racer will not ask for a team selection.
Self Timed: Runners will use the XCMeet app with the Event Alt Code to capture their own times. XCMeet combines these results into one race.
Track: Live results will only show the placements of runners
XC: Live results will provide cross country scores
Label Paper:
Page Breaks:
Blank Qty:
Read meet roster:🛈
A meet roster is not required, but helpful. Coaches can have their studetns register on Register Racer and they will automatically be signed up for the race.
This will parse csv files and tab, comma, or semicolon delimited files with the column names in the first row (first, last, grade, team, gender, (bib or number)).

"" Races🛈

Within an event, there may be multiple races. A race is a timed run where individual's results are compared to each other. A cross country event may have multiple division that help score groups of teams in each race. Within a race, there may be multiple heats with differing start times.
Distance (meters):
Virtual self timed (rarely used):
The following are for computing the cross country team scores
Number of Scorers:
Number of Racers:
D Name Gender V Dist #T #P #S #R Results

"" Teams

G Name D #R #Cs #B #G Labels

"" Roster🛈

The roster is used to match runners names with their clips.
Add runners to the roster by having them register through Register Racer. Additionally, A roster may be uploaded under the "Settings" dropdown and/or may be manually inputed through the white plus sign on the table. Having an existing roster allows students to not have to type out their whole name when registering the clip, but select their name from the dropdown of rostered runners.

It is recommended to keep the roster every season and increment the ages of the runners annually. This way, the runners will not have to type their names repeatedly.


First Last G Gr Clip Team